Top 10 games with real-world learning

Sago Mini World's Big City

Play is the best way for little ones to learn about the world around them. Let your kiddo’s imagination take the lead as they pretend, explore, and play in both new and familiar settings!

Sago Mini World

  • Big City – Explore the hustle and bustle of the city and try out different jobs! Be a firefighter, mayor, garbage collector, shop owner, and more.
  • Diner – Order up! Follow a recipe book to serve up your customer’s favorite meals, stock the fridge, wash dishes, and keep up with the lunchtime rush!
  • Airport – Prepare for takeoff! Explore a busy airport and discover what happens before your board your flight.
  • Farm – Discover what animals live on the farm, run your own market, and harvest crops with your Sago Mini pals.

Sago Mini School

  • Classrooms – Class is in session! Discover what it’s like to learn in a classroom setting while building early learning skills.
  • Bakery – Discover how some of your favorite tasty treats are made in one of our most popular topics.
  • Firefighters – Learn about how firefighters keep us safe, the vehicles and tools they use, and more!
  • Garbage – Pee-yew! Practice spatial and sorting skills while learning how to keep our environment clean.
  • Grocery – Head to the checkout and practice tallying in one of our most-played activities and learn lots of fun food facts!

Sago Mini First Words

  • Vehicles – Beep beep! Practice pronunciation while learning about all sorts of different types of vehicles.
  • Jobs – Get familiar with some community jobs while working on strengthening communication skills.

Looking for more ways to learn and play? Check out these guides to Sago Mini World, School, and First Words!

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