It all starts with play.

Creative experiences for curious kids.

Kids playing Sago Mini World
Powered by imagination
Perfect for ages 2+
Powered by imagination

Discover endless ways to explore, create, and learn with apps and printables that let your child's curiosity take the lead.

Award-winning apps for preschoolers.

Sago Mini is part of Piknik

A collection of award-winning preschool apps from Toca Boca and Sago Mini in one subscription including Sago Mini World, Toca Boca Jr, Hair Salon 4, and more.

little girl playing with one of Sago Mini's app on tablet
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Sago Mini World

Discover dozens of creative games that spark imagination and grow curiosity. (Giggles guaranteed!)

children playing with Sago Mini's app on tablet
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Sago Mini School

Kickstart a lifelong love of learning. Build early literacy, numeracy and more with expert-designed, kid-tested learning activities.

Father and son playing Sago Mini First Words
Sago Mini First Words logo
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Sago Mini First Words

Speech therapy made fun! Strengthen your little one's communication skills with playful learning games and interactive video modeling.

Sago Mini Printables
Free activities
Sago Mini Printables

From paper toys to educational activity packs, our free weekly printables for preschoolers bring the magic of Sago Mini offline.

Loved by parents. Adored by kids.

See what other parents are saying about their Sago Mini subscriptions.

Sago Mini World is a wonderfully designed app, made with a toddlers' wants and needs in mind. It allows toddlers to explore and navigate the vast number of apps themselves, all in one place.

Richard Winters
Parent of 4 year old

Cathy Tran

Learning is playful and explorative in Sago Mini School! Kids lead the way through silly stories they guide, obstacles they puzzle through, and creations they make and share.

Cathy Tran
Educational Designer

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