Top 10 creativity-boosting activities

Sago Mini World's Neighborhood Blocks

Ready to unleash your kiddo’s creativity? With Sago Mini World, School, and First Words, there are tons of ways to develop creative thinking through play!

Sago Mini World

  • Neighborhood Blocks – Build, paint, and customize your own friendly town with tons of cheerful blocks and accessories to try out.
  • Auto Shop – Fix up your Sago Mini pal’s cars and give them an upgrade while you’re at it. Customize their ride with hundreds of different parts…and some silly surprises, too!
  • Super Juice – Make some wacky drinks for your Sago Mini pals and go wild with super cool ingredients, colors, glasses, and more.
  • Space Blocks – Build an out-of-this-world space station with lots of blocks and pieces to choose from.
  • Robot Party – Join Hugbot and build your very own robot pal! How you design and customize your robot is up to you.
  • Character Creator – Make your own custom crew of characters that look just like you, your family, or characters from your imagination!

Sago Mini School

  • Ice Cream – In this fan-favorite topic, kiddos get a double scoop of fun with tons of creative learning activities that boost essential skills. Don’t forget the sprinkles!
  • Rainbows – School’s most colorful topic is filled with cheerful ways to learn and play. Plus, there are lots of drawing and coloring activities to try!
  • Butterflies – Decorate your own butterfly buddies in lots of creative ways, and learn more about these beautiful bugs!

Sago Mini First Words

  • Colors – Learn about all of the colors in the rainbow while boosting communication skills!

Looking for more ways to learn and play? Check out these guides to Sago Mini World, School, and First Words!

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