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A new learning platform created with child development experts that builds early reading, math, sciences and problem solving through holistic, child-led activities.

the gnome astrid inspecting a pill bug with her magnifying glass

Tons of activities with new content released monthly

a friendly caterpillar spelling out the number 2

Practice tracing numbers, counting forwards and backwards, and simple geometry with building activities.

Astrid the gnome in a storybook with the text she tries to catch a rainbow with a jar

Build language skills and vocabulary through reading activities where kids make their own twists.


Spark their imagination with doodling activities and creative prompts where they lead the way.

Problem Solving

Build important 21st-century skills navigating through different mazes and solving obstacle puzzles.


Develop curiosity for the natural world through fun facts, vocabulary, creative prompts and interactive playsets.

Learning through play

Each learning topic was inspired by what kids are actually into, keeping them engaged and curious as they explore, learn and grow.


Learn and play with the squishy, crawly and crepuscular!

Big Trucks

Crush learning goals along with big wheels, rocks and trucks.


Use your ROYGBIV to practice early math and creative blue-sky thinking.


Grow early literacy, numeracy and spatial skills as you grow food, flowers and fun.


Head to checkout to practice tallying while learning loads of fun food facts.


Hit the playground to learn about problem solving and simple machines!

Ice Cream

Get a double scoop of problem solving, early numeracy and fine motor skills.


Learn fun facts about woodland creatures as you build math, reading and writing skills!


Practice spatial, sorting and environmental skills with everyone’s fave stinky substance.

Snowflake in blue circle

Layer up on early learning and gain geometry skills as you build a snowperson.


Discover hours of fun new activities, fresh out of the oven.


Make a few fine feathered friends as you develop phonics and build geometry skills.

Firefighter hat in orange circle

Learn about fighting fires as you build literacy, math and critical thinking skills.

Frog in green circle

Practice counting & spelling with frogs, learn about the life cycles and more!

Purple bike in pink circle

Master matching on a musical bike adventure & show off your best tricks at the bike ramp!

Yellow butterfly in blue circle

Flutter your way into early literacy & numeracy!

Brown dog in yellow circle

Learn tricks as you develop phonics, create collages and explore emotions.

Coming soon

New topics to discover and learn every month!

What the experts are saying

"Finally, an app that intentionally supports what educators and early years experts have known all along: when kids are playing, their brains are actually primed for learning!"

Jessica Frost
Teacher and Educational Designer

"Driven by curiosity, children love to explore the world. I like how Sago Mini School starts with topics that kids are naturally curious about. Then they present activities that become an irresistible invitation to play and discover and learn."

Connie Bossert, PhD
Educational Psychologist

"Learning is playful and explorative in this school! Kids lead the way through silly stories they guide, obstacles they puzzle through, and creations they make and share."

Cathy Tran
Educational Designer

Share their love of learning with Sago Mini Parents

The free Parent app keeps you up to date with their learning progress through real-time interaction, and your kids’ creations sent right to your device.

Features for both parents and kids

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Perfect for ages 2‑5

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Play offline

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No in-app purchases or 3rd‑party ads

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Created by child development experts

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Hundreds of learning activities

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Share one subscription across multiple iOS devices

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Thoughtfully-designed artwork and music

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Child-led learning and curiosity

Available on iOS and Google Play.

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