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Designed with speech-language pathologists, Sago Mini First Words boosts your child's communication skills through fun and engaging learning games.

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Practice speech with playful learning games

Mimic, repeat, master
Mimic, repeat, master!

First Words utilizes interactive videos to help kids learn articulation and pronunciation from peers.

Curated learning milestones
Curated learning milestones

Designed by experts for children at varying developmental levels, including speech and language disorders.

Strengthen speech skills
Strengthen speech skills

Educational mini-games and videos build your child's vocabulary, comprehension, and confidence.

Become a part of the story
Become a part of the story

Reinforce the words and phrases learned through fun stories that help solidify the content.

Rosie holding baloons
Learn within context

Mini storybooks for each exercise help kids put their learnings into context and apply them in daily life.

Pita the Parrot with new silly voices
Try out silly voices

Pita the Parrot mimics what your child says with lots of silly voices to try out – from a bee's buzz to a frog's croak!

Hundreds of mini-games and activities, with new ones added monthly

Sago Mini First Words - Animals

Learn all about some furry (and not-so-furry) friends.

Sago Mini First Words - Songs

Sing along and dance your heart out!

Sago Mini First Words – Friends

Talk and interact with your favorite Sago Mini friends!

Sago Mini First Words – Talking

Try out some simple dialogues and learn how to respond!

Sago Mini First Words - Jobs

Find out who does what with all of your pals!

Sago Mini First Words – Instruments

Learn about instruments and the sounds they make with your Sago Mini pals!

Sago Mini First Words - Letter Sounds
Letter Sounds

A super-fun way to practice your ABCs.

Sago Mini First Words - Mouth Exercises
Mouth Exercises

Develop the muscles that you'll need to form words.

Sago Mini First Words - Fruits and Veggies
Fruits & Veggies

Learn about healthy food and nutrition.

Sago Mini First Words - Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds

Find out what your animal friends have to say!

Sago Mini First Words - Colors

Discover the colors of the rainbow and pick your favorite!

Sago Mini First Words - Small Numbers
Small Numbers

Get familiar with numbers and practice counting!

Sago Mini First Words - Clothes

Find out all about your wardrobe.

Sago Mini First Words - My Body
My Body

Heads, shoulders, knees, toes... The list goes on!

Sago Mini First Words Vehicles

Learn about planes, trains, cars, boats, and things that go!

First Words Exclamations Icon

Practice early sounds and words to enrich communication skills!

First Words adjectives category

Explore adjectives to compare and contrast!

First Words feelings category

Tell everyone how you're feeling!

Features for both parents and kids

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Perfect for all development levels

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Play on the go

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Use across multiple devices

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Learn hundreds of new words

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Child-led learning

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New content every month

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Designed with speech experts

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Kid-approved topics

What the experts are saying

Lesley Solinger Headshot

"I am able to target vocabulary expansion as well as articulation with my clients. The app is highly engaging and I recommend it for all speech therapists and their clients."

Lesley Solinger, MS, CCC/SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Acey Holmes, M.S., CCC-SLP

"Sago Mini First Words is a great app that would complement speech therapy really well. The categories are comprehensive and logical with adorable and engaging characters."

Acey Holmes, MS, CCC/SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

Olivia Eppe Headshot

"Sago Mini First Words has many options and themes to focus on. I really like the peer models and how the app encourages children to take a turn to say their target sounds and words."

Olivia Eppe, MA, CCC/SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

The best speech companion for all kids

Start your child's speech journey with Sago Mini First Words.

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Jack, Remy, and Pita - Sago Mini & Otsimo

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