Week 4: Jobs

From stocking shelves to putting out fires, every job is important in a community! This week, learn about daily office tasks, tallying and counting, office environments and different jobs - ready to get to work?

Day 1: Different Types of Jobs

What do you want to be when you grow up? From waterslide tester to wild animal keeper, there’s something fun to be done for everyone!

Nearly everything you like to do can become a job! See if you can name all the different types of jobs found in Big City, Zoo, Farm and Vacation in Sago Mini World. Write them down on a paper, and see if you know anyone in your community who does those jobs.

Working at a cafe or grocery store is lots of fun: you get to meet new people every day, and help them eat delicious food. Get a feel for these types of jobs in Sago Mini School’s Grocery topic and Pet Cafe in World.

Day 2: Daily Tasks

The daily tasks you do at work often change from day to day and job to job. Imagine if a postal worker had the same tasks as a helicopter pilot!

Act out a day at work with Big City in World. How do you get to the office? Do you grab a snack along the way? Which Sago Mini pals are your coworkers? What do you do on your lunch break?

Practice daily work tasks like counting money, welcoming customers, taking calls, stocking shelves and cleaning up with a DIY store! You can create one out of a cardboard box with a cut out (or use the Sago Mini Pet Cafe Box) and stock the shelves with things you have laying around the house (food, toys or flowers from the garden).

Learn about tallying at the checkout in School’s Grocery topic. How much for the toilet paper, again?

Day 3: Offices

Did you know: some modern offices have a slide instead of stairs! Filing paperwork has never been more fun.

While every office is a little different, most have a desk, computer, chair and filing cabinet. Can you find these items in Big City in World? What about at your own home?

As you color with the Jack’s Diner printable, discuss how some offices can look like a restaurant, a doctor’s office or even the captain’s area on a boat! Can you think of any more unconventional offices?

Day 4: Commute

There are many ways to get to work. For some people, their jobs can be done at home, too.

Create a vocabulary list of all the ways people get to work. (Hint: use the transportation words you learned in week 1 to get started!) Then, see if you can find examples of them in the different games in World. Set a timer to turn it into a fun seek and find game!

Some jobs can be done from home! Print out your very own free WFH set up (low-tech laptop included!) so the little ones can “work” alongside their parents.

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