Week 1: Transportation

Whether it’s by train, plane or (electric) automobile, there are lots of ways to get to where we want to go. Ready to learn more about transportation? Let’s get moving!

Robin the bird holding a toy train and Harvey the dog holding a toy plane

Day 1: Planes

Flying on a big jet can be really fun — and a little nerve wracking for your first time! It’s fun to watch clouds, mountains and cars go by from your window. Have you been on a plane before?

Robin the bird, Jinja the cat, and Harvey the dog sitting in an airplane in the sky

How does a paper airplane fly? Air moves over and under the wings to allow it to float through the sky — much like a real plane! Make a paper airplane yourself to test it out.

Ten different planes in the sky

If you could take a private jet anywhere in the world, where would you travel to? Choose your jet in Planes, pick your Sago Mini co-passengers and tell a story about your trip!

Day 2: Cars & Trucks

Vroom, vroom! From the smallest electric cars to the biggest transport trucks, most vehicles have four wheels and require power (either from gas or electricity) to keep them moving!

Robin the bird operating a drilling truck and Jinja the cat operating a bulldozer

Did you know: bulldozers have tracks instead of wheels so they can drive through mud! Open up Big Trucks in Sago Mini School to quiz yourself with more fun facts.

Jinja the cat packing her suitcase

What do you pack in your suitcase for a weekend trip? Draw a picture of your packing list so you’ll have it ready for your next adventure - then pack your bags and join Jinja on a wacky, wonderful digital Road Trip!

Day 3: Boats

All aboard! Boats come in all shapes and sizes: from a nimble kayak designed to ride the waves, to a giant cruise ship (serving giant shrimp at the buffet!). Have you taken a trip on a boat? Where did you go?

Sixteen types of boats on water

Boats are designed to float on water. Open up the Boats game and browse the creative options to choose from: do you think a pickle boat would float in real life? What about a bathtub?

Harvey the dog in his scientist outfit standing beside a bathtub with a toy boat floating in a bubble bath

Do you think your favorite toy would sink or float? Put on your scientist hat and experiment!

Day 4: Trains

Have you ever taken a ride on a train? Were you seated at the back, near the caboose, or at the front, near the engine driver?

Characters on a yellow train stopping at a station

Learn new vocabulary as you ride the rails in Trains: can you find a teapot, clock, xylophone and muddy rainboot? (Hint: it may take a few trips around to spot them all!)

More to discover

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