Valentine's Day Preschool Activities for a *Heart-Emoji* Filled Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A holiday devoted to love, friendship and good vibes that can often descend into a tornado of glue, glitter and tears at the last minute. Below, we’re sharing a few of our favourite Valentine’s Day activities that require neither heaps of sugary snacks, tantrum-inducing instructions or an eight-hour shift on Pinterest.

5. Craft up a love potion in Super Juice

Try your hand at a DIY crush-inducing potion in our newest app Super Juice. Blend up some hearts, add some pink colouring, and serve it up! We have a hunch the characters will looooove it. Try Super Juice for free here.

Image credit: A Subtle Revelry

4. Will you be your valentine?

Teach early concepts of self-love and positive thinking with this super simple V-day activity.

Cut out sticky notes in the shape of hearts, and have your child write or draw something they like about themselves on each one – ask them when they feel the happiest, the strongest or the smartest if they get stuck.

When they’ve got a few finished, help them put them up somewhere they’ll see them every day – reminding them that the best kind of love is the kind we give ourselves!

Photo credit: Crafty Baking

3. Come down from the sugar high

A little keyed up from the day’s sugar-related activities? We’re sweet on this tutorial that shows how to turn strawberries into hearts – little hands can help by washing and destemming the strawberries!

2. Spark conversation with DIY Candy Heart Story Stones

Inspired by classic candy hearts, this easy craft will get kids chatting! (And learning good stuff like creative problem solving along the way.)

Cut out a few simple heart shapes out of construction paper, and write or draw a simple verb or noun on each (for some lovey dovey examples, try: cupid, roses, friendship, blush, hug).

Put them in a small drawstring bag or bowl, then have your child pull one out at a time, adding to their creative story with each new prompt! (Expect some giggle-inducing results.)

1. Ace the classroom card shuffle

A forever favourite, our free printable Valentine’s Day cards ensure the answer to ‘Will you be my valentine?” is always yes. Take your pick: print out the black and white version to colour yourselves, or print in colour for ready-made goodness!

Download our free Valentine’s Day printables here.

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