Activities to make Mother's Day extra special

Mother and child playing outside

There are certain things that come to mind when we think about Mother’s Day, like breakfast in bed, homemade cards from the kiddos, or visiting grandparents to celebrate the holiday. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to celebrating Mother’s Day. Some moms prefer to grab some quiet time to recharge, others like to spend a busy day full of activities, or a blend of both. Families often make their own traditions to show their appreciation for moms (or a mother figure in their life) and it’s a great opportunity to get creative with some DIY gifts or activity ideas.

Whether you’re on the go for Mother’s day or you’re planning a quiet day at home, we’ve gathered some ideas to help make the day extra special.

Mother's Day gift ideas for kids

There’s nothing like getting a homemade gift from your kiddo for Mother’s Day! Little ones love making special surprises and it’s always extra meaningful when it’s something they made themselves. Here are some easy ideas for Mother’s Day gifts your kiddo can make.

Paint a flower pot

April showers bring May flowers, so what’s better than a beautiful flower pot to bring some spring flowers indoors? Grab a plain flower pot and let your kiddo get creative with paints! Use Mom’s favorite colors, add some colorful handprints or write a message. Acrylic paints work best, so be sure to spread out some newspaper and protect your little one’s clothes with a painting smock. If you’d like to keep the flower pot outside, spray on a clear coat to protect the paint from the weather.

Make a memory box

There’s something magical about seeing the world through your child’s eyes. Creating a happy memory box together is a perfect way to remember some of your favorite moments and it makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, too! Have your little one decorate a small box or container, then help them write out some of their favorite memories with Mom on pieces of paper. They’re always fun to read together.

Decorate a picture frame

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they’re even better in a frame that your kiddo decorated themselves! Take a plain picture frame to the next level with some craft supplies you’ve got hanging around the house! Glue on some beads, pom-poms, tissue paper, sequins, or even some dry pasta to make the frame a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Make a video message

If your kiddo is too young to write a message in a card, recording a video message is a great way to make a heartfelt message for Mother’s Day. Ask your kiddo what their favorite things are about their mom (or grandma), have them share a favorite memory, or even put on a special Mother’s Day performance with a song or a play! (Tip: Creative costumes and accessories are an added bonus!)

Mother's Day tea party

Mother’s Day activities for the whole family

Bake a favorite treat together

Spending time together making something delicious is always a great way to spend an afternoon. Pick a favorite recipe and let your kiddo help measure out ingredients, stir, or taste test. (That last one won’t be a hard sell, trust us.) Cookies, cupcakes, or other sweet treats also make great gifts, too!

Have afternoon tea

Plan a fancy afternoon tea party for an extra special activity that’s perfect for Mother’s Day! Set the table so everything looks just right (your little one can even draw some place cards for the attendees), dress up in your best outfits, and have an afternoon party that’s fit for a queen! For an extra splurge, you can serve some special treats from a favorite bakery, or you can just get creative with what you have on hand. Pastries, cheese and crackers, little sandwiches, fruit, or cookies are all excellent choices…have fun making your tea party your own!

Have a pajama party

While going out for a nature walk in the sunshine is often a favorite Mother’s Day activity, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. If it’s a rainy day or you’d just rather have a nice, cozy afternoon indoors, make it extra special by turning it into a pajama day! Put on your comfiest pajamas, pop some popcorn, and bundle up to watch a movie. (Mom’s choice!)

Color together

Coloring is a relaxing activity that’s become just as popular for adults as it is for kids! Spend some creative quiet time coloring some pictures together and add them to the art gallery on your fridge. Brew a cup of tea, share a snack, and bust out the crayons and markers for a family coloring party. Check out our Sago Mini Printables for some coloring pages to print out for free at home!

Mother’s Day self-care

There’s no doubt about it…while being a mom is rewarding, no one ever said it was easy. Setting aside some time to relax and recharge is critical when you’re stretched thin juggling all the responsibilities that come with parenting. However, making time for a well-deserved break can sometimes feel like an impossible feat and for many parents, self-care is often at the bottom of the priority list. Thankfully, breaks don’t have to be super long to be beneficial. Mini-breaks that are just a few minutes long can still help reduce stress. Taking a few minutes to write a few lines in a journal, take some deep breaths, walk around the block, or read a chapter of your book can help give you moments of “me-time” during those busy days. It’s worth it to take those little pods of time when you can manage it!

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