Why Kickstarter: A letter from Toy Design Director Stephanie Lemoine

Hi all,

As you may have heard, we’re launching our newest product, the Pillow Playsets, on Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, May 22nd.

So, why Kickstarter?

Well, one of the fun features of the pillows is how all the imaginative play is tucked away inside – disguising these playsets as just regular throw pillows. It’s what parents were so excited about during playtesting, and what our fans can’t stop talking about – a way to manage the toy mess, once and for all!

However, it wasn’t an easy product to fit on store shelves. Is it home decor? Or is it a toy? And all the fun features of it are hidden inside, making it a hard sell on a retailer’s shelf where parents can’t open it up and see what’s inside.

So we were stuck between a rock and a hard (or in this case, soft!) place: we’d stumbled upon an amazing idea, but had nowhere to sell it. We knew both parents and kids loved the idea – so we decided to bypass the shelf and go straight to our fans to bring this product to life!

That’s why we’re turning to you, to help us bring these pillows to life through Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter we have a platform to tell our story, explain the playsets in a bit more detail, and let you in on the magic of the toy design process. (And, of course, throw in a bit of bonus swag too!)

We hope you love them as much as we do, and that they might find a special place on your couch!

With love and gratitude, Stephanie Lemoine Toy Design Director, Sago Mini

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