Our Favourite "Easter Eggs": The Sago Mini team shares their top hidden features

Easter eggs, generally of the chocolately-and-wrapped-in-foil variety, take on a slightly different meaning in the tech world. We call the little surprises hidden in our apps “easter eggs”, and, in honour of everyone’s favourite bunny-themed holiday, we’re sharing a few of our favourites with you.

"In Zoo, swing the banana swing as hard as you can a few times . This will bump a bunch of bananas off the tree, which you can feed to the monkeys!" – Sandra Kuan, Senior Marketing Designer

"My favourite easter egg is definitely the the monster (known around the office as Blueberry) hiding in Trucks and Diggers. If a player uses the crane machine, and has a few extra fingers on the screen, they will eventually pull her up out of the ground. A lot of kids do this by accident, and never expect to find another character hiding in the dirt!" – Nik Aggarwal, Developer

"When you’re choosing a car at the garage in Road Trip, unlock a top-secret, cupcake-filled level by holding down three fingers – you’ll hear a special sound once it’s been activated. (You can also try the same thing while choosing a machine in Trucks and Diggers!)" – Richard Hilmer, Senior Developer

"One of the first games we released was Forest Flyer. In Forest Flyer, there’s a way to make it rain. When we tested it with kids, a few of them would take Robin back to her house when the rain started, because they didn’t want her to get wet. One kid in particular wouldn’t take Robin back out of the house because of the rain! After that, we added a special condition into the code that if Robin goes into her house when it’s raining, we’ll automatically turn the rain off after a few seconds so it’s “safe” for her to come out." – Luke Lutman, Lead Developer

"In Zoo, if you open the temple door, you may find a golden cat statue. This is not only a reference to Indiana Jones (one of my favourite films!) but is a nod to The Zimmer Twins, an Emmy-winning online and television property which our company (previously known as zinc Roe) had developed. The statue itself appeared in a 2008 episode called “The Golden Idol Awards” (which I had worked on!)" – Elaine Hsu, Senior Artist

"In Puppy Preschool’s colour matching game, you can tap the seagull on the bench to make it squawk really loudly – a simple one, but it makes me laugh every time." – Manuel Afonso , Developer

Find all of these hidden gems in Sago Mini World.

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