Meet the Mixbots

You’ve probably become familiar with the giggle-fit-inducing concoctions served up at the Super Juice café, the newest app to join the Sago Mini family. But we figured it was time to give credit where credit is due to the machines behind the mayhem: the hard-working Mixbots! Meet the crew who carbonate, shake, stir and blend up the hilarious drinks that the Sago Mini characters can’t get enough of.

The Colour-o-Matic

This cheerful Mixbot has an arsenal of colour at their disposal, and they aren’t afraid to use it. (Yes, they went to art school.) Spin the wheel and tap the nozzle when you’ve chosen a colour. Have fun with colour mixing if you’re feeling fancy, and don’t forget to try the surprise rainbow option!

The Electrifier

Charged by the power of a thousand lightning bolts, this Mixbot puts the spark in sparkling apple juice. Place your juice between the magical electric nodes, and hold your finger down to zap it. You can swipe between modes like electrify, sparkle, heat and freeze. This Mixbot needs lots of energy to stay awake, so don’t be surprised if she takes a quick power nap between zaps!

The Carbonator

Rescued from an abandoned accordion parts factory, this lil’ dude is pumped to carbonate your juice! Drag him up and down with your finger and – just like magic – bubbles will appear in your drink. Nostalgic for his old musical days, you can still hear him play some faint tunes as he works away.

The JuiceBot 3000

The health nut of the bunch, JuiceBot 3000 loves to fill your juice with fruits and veggies! However, they’re down for the odd indulgence – hamburgers, pizza, or even the occasional stinky sock. Drag an item into the receptacle and watch it magically appear in your juice! Don’t like the choices you have in your fruit bowl? Throw them away and more will appear!

The MegaMixer

The Sago Mini characters found this sweet Mixbot in an intergalactic charity shop, a long-forgotten wedding gift that they dusted off and fixed up! Bring her your juice and she’ll whisk it, chop it or stomp it until it’s pureed to perfection. To mix, move the handle with your finger as quickly or slowly as you’d like. To switch the attachment, just tap the red button on the top.

The Compressor

Brute strength, meet cute strength! This Mixbot has been pumping iron and has the glass-bending strength to prove it. Drag the platform down and release to transform your drink into a brand-new shape.

Ready to meet the Mixbots for yourself? Learn more about Super Juice here!

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