Five of our favourite details in Jinja's Jet

From croissants in Paris to canals in Panama, these gnomes are filling up their passports, fast. And who better to take accompany them than their trusty pilot friend, Jinja? Below, we’re sharing five of our favourite special details in Jinja's Jet.

5. All the comforts of home.

Tom packed his teddy and sleep mask (he’s the homebody of the pair), while Astrid won't leave home without her selfie stick. And Jinja always packs her juice box – all that air travel can be dehydrating!

4. Sneak in some shut-eye.

Gnomes love a good power nap, and travelling is no different. Tom uses his flights to catch up on ZZZs so he can hit the ground running once the plane lands – no jet lag here!

3. No need to pack light!

Even the travelling trio’s oversized luggage (Tom insisted on bringing his jumbo teddy bear) fits underneath the jet. Careful – there’s precious cargo in there.

2. Taking care of business

Jinja’s on a pilot’s schedule, which means she’s always packed and ready to hop on her flight. Her travel essentials need to keep up with her – that’s why all accessories easily snap onto characters for maximum play possibilities. No missed flights for this high-flyin’cat!

1.Sky-high selfie

While Tom’s getting in some much-needed snooze time (hey, being a transcontinental gnome is hard work), Astrid is woking her angles to get that perfect sunrise selfie. (Her preferred hashtag? #gnomeplacelikegnome)

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