Five fun details in Robin’s Farm

Our newest Portable Playset, Robin's Farm, is our largest yet – and that means double the fun surprises to uncover! Take a peek below to see five of our favourites.

5. Excuse me, but is this carrot organic?

Once you’ve harvested your beets (Dwight Schrute would be proud), swing by the farmer’s market to replenish their stock or pick up a pie for dessert. This is a great way to practice early numeracy and financial skills with your little ones. See if you can spot the Canadian maple syrup, a shout out to our Toronto headquarters!

4. I spy … your favourite Sago Mini characters!

The (barn) door’s always open at Robin’s Farm – that means tons of Sago Mini friends have come to play. Spot Astrid napping in the rafters, Gary the unicorn having a snack and Chico in a cowboy hat.

3. Piggyback time.

Our favourite activity in the Farm app is stacking animals as high as they can go – so of course, we had to make the figurines stackable when it came time to bring the app to life. Once you’ve stacked ‘em sky-high, take them for a ride on the tractor!

2. What, don’t all farms have apiaries?

No hobby farm would be complete without a little something sweet - just don’t get too close to the pointy end of the bees like our friend Tom here.

1. Out-of-this-world fun.

Much like the scene in Back to the Future when the Delorean crashes into the barn, Robin’s barn welcomes some extraterrestrial guests too (whether or not they’re from the future is up to your imagination!). Can you spot the moon mole, who looks like he’d much prefer to stay at the farm?

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