Week 2: Seasons

From snowball fights to picnics on the beach, each of the four seasons brings changes in what scenery we see, how we play, what clothes we wear and what food we eat. Let’s learn more about the seasons — do YOU have a favorite?

Day 1: Spring

With spring showers come colorful flowers! Spring is usually the season with the most rain (and that means the most rainbows, too!). The leaves turn green, flowers start to bloom and puddles are ready to be splashed in.

Learn all the colors of the rainbow with the Rainbow playset in Sago Mini School. Psst: the acronym ROY G BIV can help you remember the correct order!

Young boy indoors hanging a picture of a rainbow on his window

Try making your own rainbow at home using household items, or DIY your own rainbow slime!

Day 2: Summer

Did you know: summer has the longest days of all four seasons? That means more sun, more sand and more stayin’ up past your bedtime!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Open up Vacation in Sago Mini World and tell a story about it using the props and characters.

Jinja the cat adding sprinkles to Neville the penguin's ice cream cone

A sky-high ice cream scoop sounds pretty good right about now. Go to Neville’s ice cream shop in Apartment in Sago Mini World and count the scoops you can fit in one cone! What’s your fave flavor?

Day 3: Fall

Some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables are harvested in this cozy season — pumpkin pie, anyone?

Robin the bird and Jack the rabbit at the farmer's market

Open up Farm in Sago Mini World to practice watering, growing and harvesting fresh produce. When it’s time to harvest, practice tallying at the farmer’s market!

Four little kids smiling, holding hands and walking in garden park

Take a walk outside, and talk about what the weather feels like right now. Can you feel a breeze on your skin? Or the sun on your face? How is the weather different in fall? What about in winter?

Day 4: Winter

When it gets cold enough, snow falls from the clouds instead of rain! This is when we trade our rain jackets for gloves and scarves, and our umbrellas for sleds. Race ya down the hill!

Jack the rabbit and Jinja the cat riding a toboggan down a hill

Build vocab as you’re exploring the winter wonderland of Snow Day in Sago Mini World: search for a toboggan, snowman, penguin, hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) and an ice sculpture.

Young boy holding a snowball

DIY your own snow in just two minutes — perfect for an indoor snowball fight!

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