Hot, Hot, Hot: Beat the heat with an indoor beach party

While summer should be all about cramming as much sandcastle building, beach glass hunting, sticky watermelon fingers, sand-filled shoes and nights around the campfire as possible, sometimes the weather doesn’t jive with living outside. When you’ve got your heart set on a beach hang but the weather is a scorcher or a sudden downpour, just bring the outside in with these easy tips for preschoolers.

Build a (mess free) sand castle

There are tons of ways to get your beachside build on – even indoors! You can use clay, cardboard or kinetic sand to shape the castle of your dreams (plus: no fear of a bouncy beach dog or errant toddler knocking it over!). Use classic tools like pails and shovels to capture that beachy feeling.

Get active

While your indoor beach party may not have the water slides and volleyball courts of the real thing, there are still loads of ways to get out your sillies with some active play. Try practicing your volleyball moves with balloons, give the hula hoop a spin or bust out the ol’ hacky sack.

Imaginative water play

Fill up a kiddie pool or the bathtub and designate a safe Splash Zone (tiled bathrooms are perfect for this!). Fill up your mini “pool” with imaginative bath toys, bubbles, pails and bathtub markers. (Parents: this is not the best day to get your hair blown out – especially if you’re within splashing distance).

Take a digital vacation

Open up a summery app on the tablet (Sago Mini World has a few great options: try Boats, Vacation, or Road Trip, or flip through photos from your last vacation. It's a perfect opportunity to both bond and reminisce with your kids – no perfect weather required.

Want more easy playdate tips? Look no further.

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