New Year's Eve

Count down to the new year with some printable activities!
New Year's Eve

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Materials: Markers or crayons, scissors, glue, balloon, toilet paper tube, tape
Pages: 5

A traditional New Year’s Eve celebration means staying up until midnight, but most kiddos are fast asleep well before the clock strikes twelve. This year, bedtime doesn’t have to spoil all the fun – our printable pack has everything you need for an early New Year’s Eve countdown so your kiddo doesn’t have a miss a thing!

  • Help your little one plan out some New Year’s resolutions.
  • Using a toilet paper tube and a balloon, make a confetti popper for the big moment. Sure, confetti is a little messy…but it’s a ton of fun and worth the clean-up!
  • Give your kiddo some coloring pages to pass the time while they’re waiting for the countdown.
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