Make bathtime way better with Yeti's Pool Party

What is it about bathtime that makes it so divisive? Some kids are splash fiends, while others treat the bath like it’s a porcelain torture device. We believe that treating bathtime like playtime sweetens the deal and helps prevent soapy, slippery meltdowns. (We’re not above a little healthy bribery, too.)

In order to sway the odds further in your favour, we designed a brand-new bath toy that’s pure, unadulterated fun. Meet Yeti’s Pool Party – the floating pool with a detachable diving board, slide & friendly Yeti ready to show you the ropes. (Of course, we threw in a few helpful features for you too.)

5. Bring the crew

The oversized pool is big enough for the whole Easy Clean crew to join. (And hey, as long as it doesn’t meow or bark, any toy is fair game.) The Bath Squirters can chill on their floaties while Yeti demonstrates his Olympic-grade backflip, islands floating in the distance.

4. Active play keeps the grumpies away

The sturdy floating pool provides the perfect jumping off point – quite literally – for active play. Kids can vault their toys off the diving board and take a slippery ride down the slide. Have no fear – Yeti is a part-time lifeguard who knows when to blow the whistle.

3. Easy squeezy

Soft, phthalate & BPA-free plastic means even the littlest of pinchers will be able to gleefully spray the tub – and, let’s be real, you.

2. Easy Clean, made even easier

The tub’s been drained, bedtime looms, your Netflix queue awaits – we know cleaning bath toys is the (very) last thing on your mind. That’s why we redesigned the Easy Clean squirters to be even easier to open, drain and dry; just unscrew the tops, rinse and leave open on a towel.

1. Bath toy, meet storage

One more trick up our sleeve: the mesh pool folds up and hangs with everything inside, making storage and drainage a breeze. We got you.

Shop Yeti’s Pool Party here.

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