Get Creative while you Clean

Oh, bath time.

Some kids love it, some kids… not so much. Either way, bath time is ALWAYS better when you’ve got awesome toys to toss into the mix! Sago Mini’s new Aqua Puzzles - Boat Builder and Island Adventures - are a great creative addition to your line-up of bath toys. Each set allows your child to customize their very own sea-faring vessel or island paradise… then take it apart and build a whole new one! All the foam tile pieces and characters are interchangeable, so there are loads of possibilities.

You and your child can each customize your own sailboat, then use your Easy Clean Bath Squirters to shoot water at your sail, and see how fast you can reach the island at other end of the tub. Last one there has to wear a silly bubble hat!

Or, do some “experiments” with size and weight. Once your child has assembled their Island Adventure puzzle, find different bath-friendly items around the room to place on top of it. Ask your child if they think the island will stay together, or come apart before placing the item.

What happens when you put a full bottle of bubble bath on top? What about an empty bottle? Or a dry washcloth versus wet washcloth? Take turns piling other bath toys on your island, and see how tall you can make your pile before the whole thing either breaks apart, topples into the water… or gets destroyed by a suspiciously child-sized sea monster!

Aqua Puzzle pieces can also stick to the side of your bathtub or tile wall. Could be physics, could be magic…. no one really knows. The important thing is, it’s super cool! Play a little memory game with your child by lining up a some of your characters and puzzle pieces on the side of the tub. Then have them turn away while you switch some pieces around. When they turn back, see if they can remember which of those sneaky characters swapped places!

When your child's fingertips have officially turned to raisins (or there’s more water OUTSIDE the tub than in it) cleaning up your Aqua Puzzles is a breeze. Each set comes with its own mesh bag for easy storage. Just pop them in the bag, hang it on the faucet, and you’re good to go until next bath time…. whenever that may be.

Happy splashing!

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