Creative Play To Go with the Walk & Play Finger Puppets

The Walk & Play Finger Puppets are the perfect travel companions. They won’t take up valuable packing space, and they fit perfectly into little pockets! Below are just a few ways that you can take creative play on the go this summer.

The next time you're travelling with your kiddo - whether it's across the world or just across town - help them create a little photo travel diary with their Walk & Play Finger Puppets. Take pictures of Jinja and Harvey as they visit all the cool landmarks along the way. From skateboarding under the Eiffel Tower to playing hopscotch in the Ice Cream aisle, they’ll love looking back on all the adventures they’ve had, no matter how big or small.

Creative play and exploration can also help put your child at ease in unfamiliar environments. Something like a doctor’s office can be a scary place for a kid. Why not bring Harvey with you? Put him on your own hand and take him on a leisurely bike ride around around the room! Stop at some of the sights and sounds that might be unfamiliar to him (and to your little one.) Explain how that weird looking thing on the wall is just an ear flashlight. And no Harvey, the doctor DOESN'T eat popsicles all day long - those are called tongue depressors! Then, when it’s time to see the doctor, ask him or her to check in Harvey’s ears, too. Chances are they’ll gladly play along.

Finally, make your Sago Finger Puppets the star of their very own movie! Let your little one think up a story and have them act it out with their finger puppets. Or better yet, be their co-star! Sago Mini Finger puppets fit both big hands and little hands, so parents – put that high school drama class to good use! Get into character, then bust out that fancy camera phone and start rolling. Parks and backyards make for great jungles scenes. Dust off the sandbox for a super cool (or hot!) desert scene. But if the rain or the sniffles are keeping you inside, try drawing different backdrops on paper, then film in front of those!

With a little help from Harvey and Jinja, creative play doesn’t have to stop once you leave the house. Grab your Walk & Play Finger Puppets at your favourite local toy store or online here.

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