Toca Boca apps that Sago Mini fans are guaranteed to love

Little ones not so little anymore? While many older kids (and hey, even some adults!) love our apps, we know that once kids hit five or six, they may be itching for some new games to load up on their tablets. Lucky for us, our sister studio Toca Boca has heaps of games that are perfect for the 5-12+ set, and share our values like encouraging open-ended play, untethered imagination and diversity! Below, we share a few of our favourite Toca apps that Sago fans are guaranteed to get into.

Super Juice / Toca Mystery House

Just like in Super Juice, kids get to bring out their internal mad scientist in Toca Mystery House. Concoct a magical potion and feed it to one of the ghoulish friends that inhabit the house – and wait for the hilarious, transformative results! There are dozens more hidden activities to uncover in the spooky, kooky Mystery House. Perfect for slightly older kids who’ve mastered haunted houses.

Babies / Toca Pet Doctor

Have a kid who loves taking care of the characters in Sago Mini Babies or Sago Mini Friends? Becoming a junior veterinarian in Toca Pet Doctor is a natural next step! Dozens of cute but clumsy creatures are waiting for their turn to be stitched up, bandaged & iced in your clinic waiting room. Stick some colourful band aids on a bunny, untangle a naughty (or should we say knot-ty) worm and help a chick soothe its giant goose egg.

Big City / Toca Life: City

Like our Playset games, kids have full control of the gameplay in the Toca Life games too! All the Toca Life games come stacked with hundreds of moveable elements that kids can rearrange however they’d like – perfect for creative storytelling. Toca Life: City is perfect for kids who love the hustle and bustle of Sago Mini Big City.

In Toca Life: City, perform your piece de resistance at the local theatre, where you can change stage backdrops with the tap of a finger. After the show, head back to your crash pad, modelled after a hip downtown loft (complete with exposed brick and rooftop garden – remind anyone of Sago Mini Apartment?). Love the surprise packages in Big City? Head down to the post office in Life: City – and keep an eye on that conveyor belt.

Hat Maker / Toca Hair Salon Me

So you’ve made yourself a hat in Hat Maker, and snapped an haute-couture selfie in it. Next step? Get a whole new ‘do at the Toca Hair Salon Me! Using your selfie as the starting point, the app magically transforms your face into an animation, making it seem like you’re really sitting in the hairdresser's chair! The rest is up to you – dye, curl crimp and shave your way to a wild and wacky hair-do. This is perfect for kids who loved the augmented-reality magic of Hat Maker!

Babies Dress Up / Toca Tailor

Got a tiny Tim Gunn in your midst? Grow the creative spark started by mix-and-match fun in Babies Dress Up with Toca Tailor! In this game, junior designers can “collect” images, patterns and colours from their surroundings and magically add them to their unique clothing designs. Possibilities for customization and creativity are endless – we can’t get enough of this digital version of paper dress-up dolls!

Farm / Toca Life: Farm

A perfect match for kids who love the interactive play experience of our Playset apps, Toca Life: Farm gives kids the creative control to run their own hobby farm – just like Sago Mini Farm! Feed the animals, harvest fresh produce and take a dip in the mud puddle before heading back to the farmhouse to chill out after a hard day’s work. Just like all the Toca Life games, and our Sago Mini Playset games, hundreds of interactive characters and props can be moved wherever you want – happy storytelling!

Explore all 40+ of our games in Sago Mini World, or check out Toca Boca’s newest all-you-can-play experience, Toca Life: World!

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