Sago Mini Friends is now streaming on Apple TV+!

Sago Mini Friends now streaming on Apple TV+

Did you hear the news? Sago Mini Friends is now streaming on AppleTV+! Based on our award-winning Sago Mini World app, the series focuses on gratitude and features your kiddo’s favorite characters including Harvey, Jinja, Jack, and Robin. Along with a unique cast of residents, the four friends play, explore, imagine, and celebrate daily in their town of Sagoville – and beyond! In each episode, Harvey and all his friends express their true thankfulness for all things, big and small, through optimism, kindness, preschool-friendly humor, and some seriously catchy original songs.

Sago Mini Friends is produced by Daytime Emmy Award-nomiated Spinmaster Entertainment and animated by 9 Story Media Group’s Emmy Award-winning studio Brown Bag Films. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, distinguished professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and expert in the science of happiness, serves as the gratitude expert on the series through Apple TV+’s changemakers initiative. Plus, Sago Mini Friends is streaming in 107 countries with 23 languages available!

In Sagoville, there’s always an adventure just around the corner – get ready for unforgettable songs, tons of fun, and giggles galore with Sago Mini Friends!

Gary the Unicorn – Sago Mini Friends
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