Three printables to help your kiddo get ready for school

Back to School Printables for Kids

Summer is winding down, which means school is just around the corner! Whether your kiddo is starting kindergarten or they’re watching an older sibling hop on the school bus every morning, we’ve got some printable packs to help your little one get ready for school. Build your preschooler’s confidence with some skill-boosting activities that spark an early love of learning…there are plenty to choose from!

Classroom Printable

Classroom Printable Pack

Get a head start with some educational activities for preschoolers including mazes, letter tracing, counting, puzzles, and more.

Download the Classroom printable here!

Ready to Write Printable

Ready to Write Printable Pack

Practice makes perfect! Little ones work on identifying letters of the alphabet, tracing, and writing with a variety of activities to choose from.

Download the Ready to Write printable here!

Ready to Cut Printable

Ready to Cut Printable Pack

Work on those ever-important fine motor skills with super fun activities! Your little one will get tons of practice cutting in straight lines, zig-zags, curves, and spirals.

Download the Ready to Cut printable here!

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