Our top ten STEAM activities to get preschoolers pumped about science

We agree with Mr. Nye: science rules. But it’s how kids are introduced to the wild, wacky world of scientific education that really sets the tone for how they’ll feel about it the rest of their lives. Far from the serious business of lab reports, scientific papers and white coats, kid science is at its best when it’s harnessing the power of play. We’ve compiled ten of our favourite science activities for preschoolers and toddlers to get them excited about science.

10. Painting on ice cubes teaches kids about temperature and engages creativity as the colours melt into magical swirls.

9. Get outdoors and create a sensory bottle from your finds. This article is geared towards fall walks, but imagine a summer version stuffed with wildflowers, or a winter wonderland featuring ivy and holly!

8. A crash course in chemistry, all you need are some old pennies (that change collection comes in handy!) and a bottle of ketchup.

7. Already have a bunch of Lego laying around? Use it to build dams and flood them with water to see if they hold up!

6. Spill some milk on purpose to create these beautiful artscapes (and learn about colour matching and mixing while you’re at it!)

5. Requiring almost no additional supplies, the floating egg trick is a great way to teach about density (and totally amaze your kids).

4. Engage your little mad scientists with a colour laboratory – they’ll get to work both their left and right brains as they learn about colour theory and create cool combinations.

3. This rain cloud in a jar is sheer science magic – and helps introduce how rain and clouds work.

2. A perfect activity for the colder months, learn about the phases of the moon with Play-Doh!

1. Nothing says science like a stroll outside! Collect leaves for a foliage journal, uncover logs to find bugs, squelch in the mud and learn about velocity as you leaf jump. Free & easy – no craft supplies required. :)

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