Last Minute Mother's day Activities: Simple ideas with big impact

You’re out for a stroll with the kiddies, basking in the new spring sunshine. You stop in at your local to get a quick coffee, but your heart sinks before you can open the door: the sidewalk sign says “Mother’s Day is almost here!” and you completely, totally, 100% forgot.

Have no fear – it happens to the best of us! (It’s May 12th this year, FYI.) And just because you’re a little late to the party doesn’t mean you don’t still have ample time to put something special together for your special person.

We’ll share a few of our favourite last-minute activities for Mother’s Day below – along with some that double as fun activities for kids, too!

Organize a ‘Mom’s Day Out’

Moms work HARD and, while flowers and chocolate are always appreciated, sometimes they just need a day off. Offer to watch the kids for a full day (or hire a sitter), and put together a box filled with gift certificates to her favourite coffee shops, clothing boutiques, nail salons and movie theatres. Or, involve the kids in a Mother’s Day craft by having them draw or colour in vouchers (think “2 treats at your favourite coffee shop” or “A matinee that isn’t a kid’s movie”) for her big day out. Want bonus points? While she’s gone, finish up a task around the house that she’s been dreading, like painting the bathroom or filing last year’s tax receipts.

Organize a surprise coffee date with mom’s BFF

While our best intentions are always to spends as much time as possible with the people we love, it can be hard to coordinate when mom’s bestie is just as busy as she is. Think of this as a surprise party for 2 – send mom to a coffee shop or restaurant to pick up coffee beans or snacks, and fill her friend in on the secret. You can even get the restaurant in on it, preordering her favourite dessert, or having the server send a special message from you and the kids (something like “Take your time – we’ve got it covered” would be super sweet!).

Plan a family activity you’ve never tried before

In the constant hubbub of modern daily life, it can be hard for anyone to find the time to try out a new hobby – and especially impossible for busy moms. Sit down with the kids and brainstorm some family activities that you’ve all always wanted to try with her. This could be a kid-friendly bike tour, learning how to sew your own clothes or trying your hand at watercolour painting. Then, do some quick Googling to see if a community centre, AirBnB Experience or local business offers family classes in said activity. Mom will get some much-needed unplugged time with the fam, while everyone gets to try something new!

Know an extra-special mom that could use an extra-special gift this Mother’s Day? (And yes, you count too!) There’s still time to enter our Mother’s Day contest on Instagram here.

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