Kids for Conservation: Learn about the endangered species list with Sago Mini Zoo

If the recent news out of the UN that 1 out of our 8 million species are facing human-caused extinction has you feeling hopeless, we wouldn’t blame you. However, don’t tell that to the younger generation – more mobilized, tuned in and educated around climate change than ever before, kids are hopeful that they can turn things around for their and future generations.

Even the littlest of cubs can learn about conservation – and there’s never been a better time to. As we’re big fans of learning through play, using Sago Mini Zoo and the Sago Mini characters as a teaching and talking tool helps kids relate what’s going on in the world around them to the adorable animals they know and love.

Noah the Rhino

Likes: Doing bellyflops into the river

Dislikes: Mice

Stats: Noah is a Great One Horned Rhino. Sadly, their numbers are dwindling in the wild as poachers hunt them for their horns.

To talk about: Try bringing Noah over for a check-up at the vet – you can talk about how important his horn is to his health, and how sad he’d be if it went missing.

Ask your child to act out ways to protect the wild rhinos in the app – maybe they bring a group of characters by the exhibit for a guided nature talk to share their new knowledge!

Jia the Tiger

Likes: Belly scratches

Dislikes: Traffic jams

Stats: Jia is a Bengal tiger, one of the most magnificent animals on the planet. However, the wild Bengal population has shrunk drastically over the years – only 5% of the world’s wild tigers remain, due to poaching and diminishing habitats.

To talk about:

Ask your little one to show you Jia’s home at the Zoo – is it tucked safely beneath the banana swing, or did she make the ancient rune her den? Then, talk about how Jia’s friends out in the wild don’t always have homes – and that cutting down trees and building large structures means that the wild tigers aren’t as lucky as Jia. Ask them to tell a story in the app about how Jia and the Sago Mini gang might help her wild friends keep their homes!

Imogen the Polar Bear

Likes: Fresh sushi

Dislikes: Suntanning

Stats: Warming temperatures mean that polar bears need to travel farther to find food, and have a harder time fishing on rapidly-melting ice floes.

To talk about: Suggest that your child hosts a part at Imogen’s place, and bring all the characters together to celebrate her. Ask your child how many animals they can fit on the ice floe, and if they think it’s too chilly to swim!

You can then talk about how, in the real world, warming temperatures mean that animals like Imogen have a hard time finding ice to hang out on before it melts.

Cookie the Gorilla

Likes: Singing in the shower

Dislikes: Broccoli

Stats: Cookie is a Lowland Gorilla and, while they’re the least endangered of the gorilla species, their numbers are still dropping 2% a year due to foresting and poaching.

To talk about: Gorillas are special because they show their feelings just like us! They pout when they’re sad and jump up and down when they’re happy – ask your child to take Cookie around the zoo doing things that make her happy. What’s her favourite snack? Favourite way to pass the time?

You can mention that something that makes her unhappy is when humans come in and cut down trees from her forest home. How could you cheer her up again? Any suggestion goes – from planting more trees to teaching your friends about conservation!

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