All the Things We'll Do Together: Happy Father's Day from Sago Mini World!

We want our kids to be able to do anything.

To go anywhere. To be whatever they want. To discover the world! And to take the occasional nap. Kids are innately curious. They crave these things too - often right this minute (except for nap time… nap time can wait!)

Realistically, you might not be able to give them the world. But this Father’s Day, you can play the world, with Sago Mini World. Even better, you can do it together! Get in on the fun and games. You’ll probably learn a thing or two about each other along the way.

To start things off, try going on a Road Trip together! Let your little one plan the first trip - pack their own clothes, pick their own vehicle, and cruise on down the road. Then, ask them to plan a road trip for daddy. And it had BETTER NOT BE SILLY. Daddy would NEVER be seen in a pickle car! And he definitely does NOT like to drive VERY, VERY FAST (wink, wink!)

Once your kiddo’s tired of racing around in a giant pickle, ask what else they’ve always wanted to do - what other adventures they see in their future. Sailing the high seas? Blasting off into outer space? Being a superhero! Or maybe something as simple as hanging out with their friends and eating pizza all day.

Share something you’d like to do now, together… and some of the things you always wanted to do when you were their age.

Tell them a story about when they were a baby! The sillier (and poopier) the better! Head over to Babies and challenge your kid to a diaper changing contest. Remind them that you changed a million of their stinky diapers, then see how many they can change in one minute. Or ten minutes if you want to sneak in a little nap (SOMEONE should have one. It’s Father’s Day, after all. You deserve it!)

Finally, most importantly, you should definitely have a Robot Party. Why? Because, it’s a freakin’ ROBOT PARTY, that’s why.

With the Sago Mini World app, there’s nothing you can’t do together.

Happy Father’s Day!

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