7 Podcasts for Preschoolers We’re Keeping on Repeat

Podcasts, the preferred medium of long-haul commuters and liberal-arts majors alike, is no longer just for the grownups; they’re for the preschool set, too.

This new generation of kid-friendly podcasts helps budding audiophiles build listening comprehension, literary skills and storytelling chops, all without picking up a book. We’ve collected a few of our faves to listen to with our own preschoolers below (that don’t totally drive us up the wall!):

Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages

Retellings of classic tales and newer works, complete with (quite impressive, actually) voice acting, musical cues, singing and vivid storytelling. Preschoolers won’t snooze through these stories (though you might be able to take a well-earned bedtime break!).

Story Pirates

Stories written by kids, adapted by comedians, actors and other funny folks. We find this podcast just as hilarious as our kiddos, which speaks to the quality of this podcast (and also, just maybe, to the immaturity of our sense of humour).

Brains On

Ever been stumped by a “but why?” question? This is the pod for you. Every week, real questions from real kiddos are answered (in great and entertaining detail). Beyond the absolutely adorable questions, the answers are always illuminating.


A toothy first: this daily story podcast publishes a new episode every single day. The catch? Each story is exactly three minutes long - the suggested amount of time we should be brushing our teeth! The hilarious and heartwarming tales are bound to make you smile while you’re brushing up those pearly whites. (We …. could use a reminder, too.)

Planet Storytime

Another fantastic storytelling podcast that brings classics and newer stories to life through music, imaginative prompts and next-level voice acting. Even while listening to tales-as-old-as-time like Peter Rabbit or The Emperor’s New Clothes, we find ourselves getting completely sucked in.

Noodle Loaf

This interactive (and, frankly, ingenious) music podcast gives kids funny instructions to move along with like “pretend to be a tennis player” and “pretend to dance in space”. (How much more fun would the gym be if they made an adult version?!)

Peace Out

Take quiet time to go with this mindfulness podcast for kids that teaches strategies for chilling out and calming down. The suggestions and stories are always fun, like mimicking a T-Rex’s roar in slow-mo, or taking a bike ride around your imagination.

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