Week 3: Weather

Is snow just frozen rain? What’s a mirage? How fast does ice cream melt in the summer? Learn all about wacky, wonderful weather systems this week — from freezing rain to sweltering sun!

Day 1: Sun

Did you know that ice cream takes about 30 minutes to melt at room temperature? That’ll take even less time on a summery day, so don’t delay!

Open up Babies in World to pick out and discuss what makes a perfect sunny day outfit — don’t forget necessities like a sunhat and sunglasses!

Experiment: Place some objects on dark-colored construction paper and leave outside on a sunny day. Check in a few hours to see the faded shapes left behind by the power of the sun’s rays!

Day 2: Wind

Wind, as we know it, is actually just the flow of gasses. (So … I guess that makes farts a type of wind!)

Open up the Rainbows topic in School to learn Fun Facts about how rainbows are made, how wind works, and how to create your very own weather systems (coooool).

Now that you’re a weather expert, try this experiment to see which way the wind is blowing.

Day 3: Snow

Is snow just rain that freezes on the way down? Nope! Snow falls directly from clouds when it’s below 0° celsius or 32° fahrenheit … brrrrrrr.

Experience the magic of a snow day (without all the shoveling) with a DIY Snow Globe.

Open up Music Box in World to learn a winter singalong classic — the music plays as you tap the screen! (Keep your eyes peeled for snowy surprises.)

Day 4: Rain

Q: Why does it rain more in spring? A: Warm air can hold the most moisture! As the warm air rises and gets cooler, it can no longer hold on to the moisture and … splash! You’re gonna need that rain jacket.

Practice counting and basic measurement with the Gardens counting activity in School. Water your plants with the friendly rain cloud to see how tall they can grow!

Got the rainy day blues? Create your own weather flashcards with this free printable! Use them to learn about the changing weather outside (or, in your fave games or storybooks).

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