Let’s learn about … animals and insects!

From the fuzzy and fluffy to the slimy and scaly, animals have lots to teach us about how the world works! Do you have a favorite?

Day 1: Under the Sea

Did you know: while the average human can hold their breath underwater for 30 seconds, dolphins can hold their breath for eight to ten minutes!

Set out on an underwater seek-and-find mission in Ocean Swimmer in Sago Mini World (building vocabulary while you’re at it). Can you find the lighthouse, giant squid and a treasure chest?

Practice counting down from 10 as you sail the seas in Boats in World. Don’t forget to stop for ice cream at Dennis’ Sweet Shack along the way!

Day 2: Insects & Bugs

While spiders may seem scary, they’re actually really helpful: they eat pesky mosquitoes, flies and earwigs!

Some bugs fly high in the sky, and some crawl on the ground (or underground!). Can you find some high-flying friends in the Bugs playset in Sago Mini School? What about bugs that crawl on the ground? Color in some creepy-crawlers and more with this free coloring sheet!

Create and care for a creepy crawly pal of your own in Bug Builder in World and Built It Bugs in School. Ask your little creator to narrate their creative choices out loud as they’re designing to build vocab, critical thinking and creativity!

Day 3: Pets

From big, furry pups to friendly goldfish, pets are a great way to teach empathy and caring for others!

In Puppy Preschool in World, practice counting and matching as you care for your furry friends.

No pets of your own? Why not welcome some feathered friends to the hood with a cozy birdhouse? (All you need is an old milk carton.)

Day 4: Jungles and Forests

Did you know: both the West Coast of Canada and the Amazon jungle are considered rainforests? (Bring your umbrella!)

Some animals live in a rainy jungle habitat called a rainforest, and some make their homes on dry, sandy land called a desert. Open up Zoo in World, and see if you can move all the animals to their preferred habitats. (They’ll be so thankful once you do!)

Build animal vocabulary with a seek and find mission in Camping in World. Can you find the moose, crow, otter, and porcupine?

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