Vine Climbers

Make some paper animals and watch them climb the rope!
Vine Climber Printable with sloth

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We teamed up with Toronto Metropolitan University's Toy Invention Program students to dream up some unique printable activities. The assignment was to design a dynamic printable toy that was easy for kids and parents to assemble and fit with our collection of hands-on activities for preschoolers. Here's the winning design by Sean Dempsey – Vine Climbers! Grab some rope, a coin, and some craft supplies, and watch your Sago Mini pals climb up the string to the top.

  • Color, cut out, and assemble a paper monkey and sloth, adding a coin to the inside for weight.
  • Thread a string through the two tubes at the top of your animal's hands, and loop the string over a doorknob.
  • Pull the strings one at a time (left, right, left, right) to make the character climb right to the top!
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