Trains - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

There’s just something about the chug of the engine, the wisp of smoke from the stack and the endless adventure present on the railroad that captivates even the youngest of kids. We’ve had plenty of requests for a Trains game over the years, and are so excited to finally make those locomotive dreams come true – Sago style, of course!

Sago Mini Trains blends the kid-led, travel-based play of a game like Road Trip with the storytelling aspects of our playset games like Farm. Kids are the conductors (with the help of their Sago Mini pals, of course) and get to choose which passengers and cargo they load on and off at each stop. The three unique worlds – a winter wonderland, bustling city and mysterious forest – are both familiar to the youngest of kids and are ripe with potential for storytelling.

Our young playtesters loved trying to fit as many characters as possible on the train, and were excited by the special surprises like the ice cream mountains and the rainbow bridge. (And, honestly, wouldn’t you be too?)

Happy travels,

Melody Chen

Play Designer

How to play

Hold your finger on the right side of the train to drive forward, and on the left side if you forgot a passenger and need to back up!). At each stop, load up or drop off cargo and passengers by dragging them onto the train or the train’s cars. Keep your eyes out for the special surprise bridges and unique stops found in each of the locations!

To talk about

Ask your children to narrate their play as they drive along. Are they picking up friends for a fun farm picnic? Or dropping off an important package in the snowy winter wonderland? All their favourite Sago Mini friends and loads of adorable props and cargo can be found at stops along the way, giving lots of opportunities for active storytelling.

The Team

Melody Chen, Play Designer

Nina Wong, Technical Project Manager

Manuel Afonso, Lead Developer

Tassio Knop, Developer

Katherine Diemert, Lead Artist

Katherine Elliott, Production Artist

Yuliya Boublikova, Animator

John Park, Technical Director

Luke Lutman, Studio Tech Lead

Danny Simmons, Sound Designer

Aaron Leighton, Art Director

Danielle Rainey, Release Coordinator

Teena Saur, Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing

Kavita Lahar, Marketing Coordinator

Michelle Colistro, Senior Copywriter

Melanie Kimmett, Senior Marketing Designer

Tristan Sory, Graphic Designer

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