Garbage-free Ghouls: Our 8 favourite zero-waste Halloween activities and crafts

If the thought of lugging away a giant sack of Halloween cast-offs has you spooked (and no, we're not talking about all the candy you 'borrowed' from your kids), have no fear! This list of zero (or low) waste activities don't scrip on the fun, while keeping your garburator (and conscience) clear.

  1. Mason Jar Lid Spider – We’re loving these as easy Halloween decor or a fun kids’ table centrepiece! Reuse the pipe cleaners for other crafts when you’re finished. Don’t have googly eyes? Use cardboard paper!

  2. Drip Crayon Pumpkin – Have some old crayons you no longer need? Try this modern redux of the traditional stoop pumpkin! Tons of fun as a family activity, these pumpkins will also look absolutely striking on your front porch.

  3. Fill a glass vase with a few small pumpkins and gourds. This does double duty as a stunning centrepiece and educational play prop: have your child try to count how many gourds are inside the vase, or guess how many more they may be able to fit in! This game is also tons of fun with leftover Halloween candy.

  1. Cardboard Halloween Village – While the linked example may be a bit lofty for even the most ardently crafty parents, it’s great inspiration for what can be done with some leftover cardboard (or old greeting cards) and some black paint.

  2. T-Shirt Trick or Treat Bag – Want to salvage a few shirts from the thrift pile? They’re perfect for creating an upcycled treat bag. (And I know what you’re all thinking: no sewing machine required.)

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Bats – Make a super-cute Halloween craft without trips to the craft store (or the garbage bin).

  2. Did we mention pumpkins? – A Halloween mainstay, pumpkins are the OG zero-waste craft. Carve 'em, display 'em ... just don't forget to eat 'em. (Get tons of recipe ideas here.)

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