A world of play, hidden away!

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Take a trip downtown!

Meet Annie the Skunk, Nutmeg the Squirrel, and Umi the Giant Squid!

Sticks to walls & floats in water!

NEW: Aqua Puzzles

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Let's play

Learning through play


Sail the seas, feed monsters, change diapers or travel through space in our award-winning apps.

Beyond the screen


Discover must-have toys for kids on the move! Toys that grow imagination and wonder. Toys to love.

Latest apps

Big City

NEW! Bright lights, busy streets, and sky-high skyscrapers.


Connect with Sago Mini like never before. Explore our complete collection in one magical app.


Hop in the elevator with Jinja and ride it up, up, up – there's a fun activity on each floor!

Our thinking

“ We make apps, toys, books all from the heart. ”

Aaron Leighton

Art Director
“ Delightful quirky designs both kids and parents love ”

Samson Lee

Head of Consumer Products
“ Hearing kids giggle - that’s what makes it worth it! ”

Vanessa Logan

Technical Artist
“ Sago Mini is a bridge for parents and kids to connect ”

Stephanie Lemoine

Toy Design Director

Featured toys

Jinja’s House

This adorable little house folds up and stores everything inside.

Tuck Me In Quilt - Limited Edition

Sweet dreams are in store every night with this adorable twin size quilt.

Jack’s Diner

This playset includes everything you'd expect at a classic diner.

Neville's Ice Cream Truck

Who's ready for a road trip? New: Vehicle Playsets

Vehicle Playset: Hugbot & Kiki's Fire Truck

Who's ready for a road trip? New: Vehicle Playsets

Harvey's Veggie Dog Car

Who's ready for a road trip? New: Vehicle Playsets

Orbit the earth with Harvey in our NEW portable playset!

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