Vacation - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

I, along with many northern-hemisphere dwellers, start craving sun the moment daylight savings time rolls back the clock. We wanted our newest app Vacation to feature a “fun in the sun” destination (perhaps due to a bit of wishful thinking on our part!).

However, this tropical destination is not just for beach bums: there’s plenty of exploring and new experiences to be had! Partly inspired by some of my own travels, kids can explore ancient structures, enjoy fresh tropical fruit and explore a vibrant coral reef.

As a kid, I loved seeing different plants and animals wherever we travelled – a highlight being a brightly-coloured crab that wandered right in front of my snorkelling mask as I waded around in the surf of a small Mexican fishing village as a 6-year old. Vacation is infused with that same sense of discovery: packed with interactive surprises, kids can play their way – from taking in the view in their private helicopter, to boogieing down on Disco Island or relaxing after a day in the sun at the beachside hotel. (And much more, of course!).

With each new Playset app, we try to add new types of play. Our mini playtesters loved driving the boats and helicopter around between the islands – especially with a giant stack of characters on-board! (Probably not up to naval or aviation code.)

I hope you have heaps of fun on this tropical escape – whether you’re enroute to somewhere warm yourself, or cozied up on the couch dreaming of warmer climes like me.

Happy travels,

Davin Risk
Play Designer

How to play

With dozens of unique activities and areas to explore, there’s something for sun seekers and adrenaline junkies alike! Check in to your five-star beach hotel, then choose if you want to chill by the jukebox, visit the local village, explore the lighthouse lookout, fly down the inflatable water slide, or cruise along in your private boat. Like all our Playset games, almost all the pieces, props and characters are stackable, movable and interactive – how you play with them is up to you!

To talk about

Ask your child about their dream vacation – are they more inclined to relax on the beach or set off on a mysterious jungle expedition? Then, role play their perfect tropical escape with them using the interactive props, characters and settings in Vacation.

The Team

  • Davin Risk, Play Designer
  • Michael Guattery, Technical Artist
  • Tassio Knop, Developer
  • Elaine Hsu, Lead Artist
  • Katherine Elliott, Production Artist
  • Yuliya Boublikova, Animator
  • John Park, Technical Director
  • Luke Lutman, Studio Tech Lead
  • Danny Simmons, Sound Designer
  • Aaron Leighton, Art Director
  • Danielle Rainey, Release Coordinator
  • Teena Saur, Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • Kavita Lahar, Marketing Coordinator
  • Michelle Colistro, Senior Copywriter
  • Mélanie Kimmett, Senior Marketing Designer
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