Trucks and Diggers - Letter to parents

Big Trucks for Little Builders!

“Kids everywhere love big trucks and diggers. They are larger than life, and that’s perfect for imagination.” -- Nik Aggarwal, Sago Mini

Dear parent,

Long before I got my driver’s licence, I mastered the excavator at my local playground. I spent hours with that toy, feeling empowered by the idea of its strength. Kids everywhere are in awe of big trucks and diggers. They are larger than life, and that’s perfect for imagination.

This app is all about the machines. Kids use them to move piles of dirt back and forth, over and over. And they love it! The dirt is messy and goopy and reacts to what they do. When making this app, we really wanted to make the dirt fun to play with. We used a technique called “Metaballs” - which creates the illusion that the individual dirt particles know about each other - so scooping and digging and piling the dirt high feels realistic. It’s like building sand castles at the beach!

How to play

Rosie the hamster stars in her first app! And you’ll find familiar Sago Mini friends too. Chose a home, select a machine and get building! Use the bulldozer, the crane or the funny spinner to load piles of dirt into Rosie’s dump truck. When it’s full, drive to the build site and see your home grow like magic! Don’t forget the finishing touches for the new owner.

To talk about

Like all Sago Mini apps there are no levels or time limits, it’s open-ended play. While playing with your little one, ask questions and make up stories. What are we building today? Who’s driving that bulldozer? What sound does a digger make? Try piling the dirt high in Rosie’s dump truck or see how deep you can drill into the ground.

We hope you DIG this app!
Nik Aggarwal, Developer

The Team
Lisa Armstrong, Designer
Richard Hilmer, Developer
Nik Aggarwal, Developer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Carole Boudreau, Animator
Gabby DaRienzo, Artist
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Danny Simmons, Sound Design
Ryan Fairley, QA

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