Town - Letter to parents

Build the town of your dreams!

Dear parent,

When I was young, I loved building replicas of my small town. I’d include my favourite park, our regular post office, and my favourite restaurant (a pizzeria, of course). But I also loved to include some more fantastical elements – like a neighbourhood rocket launcher, or a haunted house inhabited by friendly ghosts. I’d play for hours, arranging and rearranging the buildings. And of course, my favourite dolls and animals were proud citizens!

These classic play-patterns inspired us to ‘build’ Town! The drag and drop story tiles are modular, allowing your child’s imagination and storytelling skills to shine. You’ll recognize familiar landscapes like roads, parks, houses and businesses – and yes, even a pizza place. There are also a few special surprises – see if you can find the volcano, the rocket ship or the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Playing Town

How you play is up to you – there are no rules or time limits. Choose a story-starter scene, and let your imagination run free. Drag and drop story tiles to create a bustling cityscape, a peaceful forest town, or something we haven’t thought of yet! Find characters as you build, and drag them over different play tiles to watch them transform – Harvey may find himself in a boat, a car or even a pirate ship. The more story tiles you use, the more surprises you’ll uncover – try to find one you haven’t discovered before!

To Talk About

Listen to your child tell stories about their town. Would they like to live there? Why or why not? How would they describe their town to a visitor?

Happy building

Katherine Diemert, Illustrator

The Team
Nik Aggarwal, Developer
Katherine Diemert, Illustrator
Davin Risk, Play Designer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Danny Simmons, Sound Design
Ryan Fairley, Quality Assurance

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