Toolbox - Letter to parents

Tools rule!

We created Toolbox to inspire young builders. It’s awesome to hear kids say “Look what I made!” -- Davin Risk, Sago Mini

Dear parents,

Children are natural born makers. They love to tinker and fix. Sago Mini Toolbox gives little ones their own set of tools and a chance to help.

With Toolbox, we created ‘grown-up’ tools that feel real. There’s something quite satisfying about that last tap that drives the nail in, or seeing the sawdust fly as you saw through wood like butter. Add to that the delight of working with friends and you have a recipe for great fun!

Playing Toolbox

Each project starts out as a mystery. Swipe the screen to see all the choices. What are Jack and Fins going to build? Can you help Harvey with that pile of lumber? Use your tools to complete the steps and reveal what you’ve created!

Each tool is satisfyingly simple and made for the littlest builders. Beautiful animations and sounds respond to their touch. Try using the tools fast or slow, tap and swipe with one finger or a few, or turn the wrench in the opposite direction and listen to the sounds.

To Talk About

Kids take pride in making things. While playing Toolbox with your little one, ask questions about what’s going on. What does Jack the rabbit need help building? What can you make with some paper and string? What would a home-made rocket be like? Afterwards, you can find things to build together!

Have fun,
Davin Risk, Designer

The Team
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
John Park, Developer
Nik Agarwal, Developer
Davin Risk, Designer
Abe Hutton, Animator
Peter Hamilton, Technical Artist
Brian McBrearty, Sound Design

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