Soundbox - Letter to parents

Play, listen and learn

Dear parent,

Kids love to make noise, and so do we! Sago Mini Sound Box brings to mind classic types of musical play and activities such as winding a music box, shaking a rattle or banging on a rainbow-tinted toy piano.

Sound Box engages even the youngest children through sound, colour, and movement, and strikes all the right notes for a great toddler app: it’s open-ended, gives instant feedback and invites kids to learn through play, keeping the whole experience simple and fun.

Playing Sound Box

Start with one of the nine sound sets – the pictures hint at the sounds you can make. Next, tap anywhere to add sounds. The sounds you create will appear as coloured balls wherever your fingers touch.

If you choose an instrument like the piano or chimes, you’ll discover that you can play a scale by tapping from one edge of the screen to the other. If you choose the barn, you can create a crazy chorus of farm animal sounds!

Grab and fling a sound to bounce it around the screen, or tilt the device back and forth to move the sounds around and bounce them off each other. Tap and hold a sound to crack it open and see a character pop out. If you tap with two or more fingers at once, special sounds appear!

Want to clear the screen and start over? Just give it a shake and all the sounds will pop away.

Sound Box supports multi-touch, so tap away with as many fingers as you can or invite some friends to join in. Two or more hands can tap together.

More Fun

Your little one can happily explore and experiment with Sago Mini Sound Box. It won’t take much encouragement for them to discover delightful surprises and invent fun scenarios to go with the sounds.

For instance, how about a little musical performance? Grab your favourite instrument and play along with Sound Box. Even better, why not have your own Sound Box parade, tapping and tilting the screen as you march?

Some of the sound sets are based on real-life things like animals, car horns, and door bells. Can you recognize them all?

Have fun,
Davin Risk, Designer

The Team
Davin Risk - Designer
Luke Lutman - Developer
Aaron Leighton - Artist

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