Sago Mini - Letter to Parents

Dear parent,

At Sago Mini, we’re big believers in the power of play. When little ones play, they’re learning and developing, and we create open-ended play experiences that are perfect for your child’s growing mind. Open-ended play means there are no instructions, no rules to follow, and how your child engages with the games is completely up to them. The only limit is their imagination!

One of the best things about any Sago Mini app is the roster of lovable characters your little one can meet. There’s Harvey the fun-loving dog, Jinja the strong-willed cat, Jack the clever rabbit, and Robin the curious bird, plus many more friendly animals to get to know. These characters become friends, and kids develop social-emotional skills as they interact with them. Little ones learn to understand emotions, practice empathy, and build confidence.

Sago Mini World's Character Creator

Many of our apps play out like a story book – but without words or narration, the kids are the ones writing their own stories, with the Sago Mini characters and landscapes as supporting actors. Storytelling teaches kids how to externalize their thoughts and harness inspiration into concrete, actionable language. Plus, it’s always so much fun to see what creative ideas your kiddo comes up with.

Next time your little one is playing their favorite Sago Mini app, be sure to ask them to show you what they’ve been discovering. It’s a perfect opportunity for some quiet bonding time together.

Keep exploring, and have fun!
The Sago Mini team

How to Play

All our games are designed so that young children can confidently explore on their own. However, the real magic kicks in with they have a parent along for the journey! Try giving your child a story prompt to act out in the games. Help your child with social-emotional development and ask what a character might be feeling. Or, ask your kiddo to identify different shapes or colors in the game. Looking to join the fun with your kiddo? Play a game of eye spy together! Pick an object in one of the games, and ask your little one to find it. (The sillier, the better!)

Looking for more games?

In Sago Mini World, kiddos are free to explore, discover, and play their way in 40+ games that spark imagination. New games are added regularly, so there’s always a new adventure on the horizon. With the addition of the Character Creator, your kiddo can bring themselves into their favorite Sago Mini games! Little ones can create up to five custom characters based on themselves, friends, family, or some sidekicks from their imagination.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at with any questions, concerns or feedback. You can also stay in touch by liking us on Facebook or following us on Instagram and Twitter.


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Sago Mini World's Dinosaurs
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