Robot Party - Letter to parents

Ultimate Robot Fun!

Dear Parent,

Kids love robots. And so do we. Who wouldn't want to party with a robot friend? Or one who made your bed or did your homework? Robotic technology has come a long way since I was a kid. The closest thing I had to a robot was a talking teddy bear. From pet robots to personal assistants today — one thing is sure — our future will contain robots. Robots represent everything we could possibly imagine, and more.

We designed this app to introduce kids to the wonderful and wacky world of robots! The kind of robot you might build at home with cardboard, paint and glue. Endearing, silly robots that come to life through imagination. Our goal is to encourage playful experimentation. Robot Party fuels kids’ curiosity, creative thinking and discovery. While having tons of fun.

How to Play

Have a party with Dr. Harvey and the robots! Construct your own robot by trying on different heads, hands and feet. Add a costume to make your robot really unique. There are literally billions of possibilities! What will you make? A three-headed robot? Does he wear sneakers? Stretch your imagination! Spin the power generator to bring your robot to life. Make music, decorate cupcakes and have a robot party! When playtime is over, take a quick pic of your fantastic robot to share with friends or family. Find your photo directly in your images folder.

To Talk About

While playing Robot Party with your little one, ask questions and make up stories. What does a robot do? If your robot could talk, what would they say? How could your robot be helpful? Try making your own robot out of recycled items around the house.

Beep-boop-beep (that means “Have fun!” in robot language),
John Park, Developer

The Team
Davin Risk, Designer
Luke Lutman, Lead Developer
John Park, Developer
Nik Aggarwal, Developer
Juan Afonso, Developer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Carole Boudreau, Animator
Gabby DaRienzo, Artist
Katherine Diemert, Artist
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Danny Simmons, Sound Design
Ryan Fairley, QA
Nick Shim, Director of Product

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