Road Trippin', Sago Mini Style: 5 ways to bring creative play on the go

'Tis the season for Road Tripping! Time to stock up on snacks, ram that luggage into the trunk like a game of Tetris, and hit the highway. But as any parent will tell you, travelling with kids can be tough. It’s important to be prepared for when the are-we-there-yet’s start flying, and having some new ideas to keep them entertained and engaged always helps. Try putting a Sago Mini spin on some old favourite travel games, and get creative on the road!

3. I Spy is a great, kid-friendly way of passing the time. Try spying something out the window, then see if your child can spy the same thing in Sago Mini World! Trucks and Diggers? Check! Boats and Planes? Check! But if you’re stuck on the highway, or it feels like you’ve spied all there is to spy, don't limit yourself to reality. Spy a few superheroes, fairies, and friendly monsters while you’re at it.

2. For long car rides, the Storytelling Game is a must — someone makes up the first few lines of a story, then the next person tells the next couple lines, and so on. Try taking it to the next level by turning your story into a puppet show with finger puppets! And you can use some of the Sago Mini World games to make it even more interactive. Let your little one scroll through the games to decide where your story will take place. It could be anywhere from outer space to on the farm! They can also add sound effects using Sound Box, or create their very own musical score with Music Box.

1. You can even get your Sago Aqua Puzzles in on the fun! Aqua Puzzles are lightweight, small, and come with their own storage bag, so their perfect for travelling. Pass the bag around to everyone in the car (not the driver… they’re busy) and have each person pick a piece. Then try to incorporate that object or character into your finger puppet show! And if you’re staying in a hotel for the night, let the kids introduce their Aqua Puzzles to the wonders of the hotel pool. Or take a trip to the ice machine, fill up that ice bucket, and turn the bathtub into an arctic wonderland!

Keeping little minds busy and engaged is a great way to turn “are we there yet?” into “we’re here already?!” With no wifi, data or internet necessary, your child is able to explore the Sago Mini World freely and safely, while you focus on getting where you need to go (and maybe catching up on some podcasts.)

Happy trails, travellers!

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