Road Trip - Letter to parents

Let’s go for a drive

Sago Mini Road Trip has no levels or time limits. It’s pure play. And a pickle car. -- Lisa Armstrong, Sago Mini

Dear parent,

The story of Road Trip begins on my living room floor playing toy cars with my sons. Vroom! Crash! Driving is a universal theme in children’s play. It’s about the speed and action but it’s also a central part of the stories we tell. Where are we going? Who are we going to see? Road Trip captures this spirit with all the natural controls and playful surprises that are key to our Sago Mini apps.

Playing Road Trip

Jinja the Cat is off to visit one of her friends. Our trip begins with three choices. Where are we going? What should we bring? What car should we drive? Then it’s time to put Jinja and her suitcase in the car and off we go. There are two ways to drive. Tap the right side of the screen to accelerate and tap the left side of the screen to brake. Or just pick up the car with your finger and go. There are two rest stops and lots to see along the way! Pause to clean your car, then stop to refuel (or recharge!). Have fun zipping along until you arrive at your destination. A warm welcome awaits you from your friend!

To Talk About

Like all Sago Mini apps there are no levels or time limits but there is a lot to explore. There are great storytelling opportunities. Where is Jinja going? Why? What do we see along the way. Trying playing ‘Eye-Spy’ as you drive.

Fun Feature

At Sago Mini, we take every opportunity to celebrate -- so we hid a very special party inside Road Trip! Hold 3 fingers down for 3 seconds when choosing a vehicle and you’ll find a party filled with cupcakes, presents and balloons!

Happy Travels,
Lisa Armstrong, Designer

The Team
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Luke Lutman, Lead Developer
Richard Hilmer, Developer
Lisa Armstrong, Designer
Abe Hutton, Animator
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Brian McBrearty, Sound Design

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