Planes - Letter to parents

Go on a fun-filled airplane adventure!

Dear parent,

Do you remember your first airplane ride? The excitement of the airport, looking out the window to see your airplane, travelling with friends or family. Then the thrill of take-off and flying through the clouds! Ask a toddler about flying and they’ll show you how fun it can be! With their arms outstretched, they zoom around the room making engine sounds. Flying is thrilling!

Playing Planes

This airplane adventure has plenty of room for your Sago Mini friends – bring along Jinja, Harvey, Jack, Robin or Rosie. You’re already cleared for security - just choose a plane and hop on board! Tap the arrow to take off and fly. Have fun zipping through the sky or gently gliding through the clouds. There is a lot to discover – from giant pinatas to flying space penguins. When you’re ready to try a new plane just come down for a landing. You’re in control of this adventure.

To Talk About

Where are we going today? To a tropical island or to outer space? What do you see? Discover tons of silly surprises along your trip. Does flying make you hungry? Chomp a pizza planet and fly through a giant ice cream for dessert.

Have fun!
Carole Boudreau, Animator

The Team
Davin Risk, Designer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Katherine Diemert, Artist
Mike Pereira, Artist
Richard Hilmer, Developer
Juan Afonso, Developer
Carole Boudreau, Animator
Vanessa Logan,Technical Artist
Danny Simmons, Sound Design
Ryan Fairley, Quality Assurance

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