Pet Cafe - Letter to parents

Dear parent,

We love seeing children take control of their own learning experience, especially since that means the lessons really stick with them! Sago Mini Pet Cafe gives your child quick feedback and simple, effective learning without the pressure of time ticking by or trying to attain a high score.

Sago Mini Pet Cafe is a platform for kids to play with food while exploring the concepts of counting, shapes and colors with their favorite Sago Mini characters! Tap an animal to choose an activity. Count with Jinja the cat, match shapes with Harvey the dog and join Robin to play with colors.


In the counting activity, drag each food item onto the tray. When you reach 10, all three animals appear and now it’s time to feed them. Matching colors, drag the food to the appropriate animal one at a time; pink for Robin, brown for Harvey and orange for Jinja. Your animal friends react to the food as your pick it up and can't wait to be fed. The countdown continues until all the food is gone and everyone’s bellies are full!

Tap Harvey the dog to do a complete the shape-matching activity. A wiggling purple shape appears in front of the animal. Match it with the shape on the left or the right of the screen to see what it is. You can drag the shape, or tilt your device and watch it slide. If you make a match the animal will gobble up the food. There are three turns for each animal. Play it again and again to see their reactions to the different foods.

The third activity is all about color. Make your own smoothie by pressing the colored buttons. Press two or all three buttons at once to mix new colors. When you’re done help the animals drink the smoothie. Tap and hold one, two or all three of the animals to help them drink. Give your device a shake and you get a new cup to fill. You’re treated to a silly animation when they’ve sipped the last drop.


Here’s where you and your child can ask questions and create stories around the activities and animals in Pet Cafe. Kids love figuring things out on their own so once they’ve mastered each of the activities, encourage them to explain what’s happening on screen. Turn the sound down and encourage them to count aloud in the counting game. Ask them what kind of smoothie they are making or what color they expect when colors are mixed. In the matching game, ask your child if she recognizes the food items on screen.

This app could also be a great way to talk about nutrition. Ask your child to identify healthy foods that they spot in each activity.

Have fun,
Nick Shim, Developer

The Team
Nick Shim, Developer
Lisa Armstrong, Designer
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Vanessa Logan, Technical Artist
Karen Gunter, Animator
John Park, Developer

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