Music Box - Letter to parents

Musical adventure

Dear parent,

Sago Mini Music Box is a modern take on a classic toy. Just choose a song and tap your way along a musical journey. Every tap plays the next note in the tune while filling the world with fun surprises.

The Music Box app started as a simple but satisfying way of playing a melody. It is easy enough for toddlers to play but sophisticated enough that older children can really put on a performance.

The art and animation completely transform the app. Tap the sky to make clouds appear. Tap the meadow to sprout flowers. New things spring to life as you move through the landscape. The result is an app that is rich in story, art and music.

Playing Music Box

Tap, swipe and tap some more. Tap with one finger, tap with three. Every tap adds something to the scene. It could be a tree, flower, cloud or maybe a moon mole! Tap again to trigger animations. You will constantly uncover new surprises along the way.

There are many subtle interactions hidden in Music Box. Try listening for different sounds as you try tapping in different areas. You’ll discover that tapping the sky produces a different sound than tapping the mountains or the water. If you hold a finger on the screen while you tap or swipe with the other finger you’ll discover that the scene moves more slowly – allowing you to pause in one area for a little longer.

More Fun

Music Box is a great app to play with a friend. Gather around, choose a song and play! If you have two devices you can put on a performance together. There are tons of hidden objects and hilarious animations tucked away in Music Box. You’re certain to find something new every time you play.

Have fun,
John Park, Developer

The Team
John Park - Developer
Elaine Hsu - Artist
Aaron Leighton - Artist
Brian McBrearty - Music
Davin Risk - Designer
Abe Hutton - Animator

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