Monsters - Letter to parents

Create a loveable monster

Dear parent,

Walk into almost any preschool and you’ll see walls covered in decorated fish, trees or flowers. It’s like art with training wheels. The activity gives young children an opportunity to develop their skills and always end up with a recognizable result. The final work is both personal and shared.

Sago Mini Monsters captures the spirit of these activities while adding some of the magic only touchscreens make possible. The app lets kids transform a simple shape into a unique creature. Kids not only color and decorate their monster, they also feed and care for it. The final artwork is both recognizable and unique.

Playing Monsters

Say hello to your monster friend. A color palette pops up at the bottom of the screen. Tap a color and use your finger to draw on your monster. Try drawing with a friend or using both hands. Practice making stripes, polka-dots or zig zags.

Tap the checkmark button when you're happy with your drawing. Tap and drag the eyes, horns and mouth. You’ll discover you can pop them off and your monster will sprout different ones. Now it’s time to feed your hungry monster. Grab floating food and toss it in their mouth. When your monster is full it’s time to grab the toothbrush and give those big monster teeth a good scrub.

Decorate your monster with some stickers floating in the goo. If you want something different, fling the item away and a new one will rise out of the slime. Want to take a picture? Snap a photo of the monster by tapping the camera button. The image is saved to your camera roll so you can share it with friends and family.

To Talk About

It’s fun to make up stories about your new monster friends. What’s your monster’s name? Where do they live? What’s their favorite sport? Do they speak monster or some other language? Do they like swimming or maybe ping-pong? When you’re done telling good monster stories why not grab a pair of scissors and a set of crayons and make some paper monsters! The goal of the app was to make the monsters feel alive, to make every activity feel like you’re playing with the monster directly, and to really build a space for your kids to explore, to play, and to express themselves with their new friends. We hope you and your little ones have fun!

Nick Shim and John Park, Developers

The Team
Aaron Leighton, Artist
Elaine Hsu, Artist
Nick Shim, Developer
John Park, Developer
Lisa Armstrong, Designer
Abe Hutton, Animator
Vanessa Logan, Animator
Danny Simmons, Sound Design

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