Introducing Sago Mini World


We’re so excited to be launching Sago Mini World today – a new membership program that gives families access to our complete collection of games through a single app. Members receive first access to our new titles along with exclusive content, updated constantly. What you see today is just the beginning - we’ve got some exciting features coming down the line!

Our focus has always been on building the very best ‘first apps’ for kids. Simple, beautiful apps that encourage active digital play. Sago Mini World is a new way to package and present these apps in a new, convenient package.

Sago Mini World is a great option for busy families. First of all, you’ll get three of our most popular games for free with download – a convenient option when time is precious! You’ll also get to play our full collection for 7 days. This is a great way to try out our full collection of games with your kids, without having to sift through the many options on the App Store. Plus, think of all the room you’ll save on your home screen! The subscription model ensures you’re only paying for active play – if your child outgrows Sago Mini, you can cancel anytime, without cancellation fee.

One of our illustrators, hard at work on the kid-friendly navigation.

We will continue to publish our games as stand-alone apps as well as in Sago Mini World. Maybe you know exactly which apps you want and prefer to purchase just those titles. Or maybe you’ve already paid for all of the existing apps and would prefer to add to your existing collection. Whatever the reason, we want you to know that option will always remain open.

By offering this new membership service, we’re able to deliver the best of Sago Mini, right to you. Much like a membership to a museum or art gallery, you’ll get unlimited access to all our content, for as long as you’d like it.

We hope you enjoy exploring Sago Mini World. We’re very excited to share the fun new content and features we have planned in the coming year!

All the best,

Jason Krogh CEO & Founder Sago Mini

Download Sago Mini World on the App Store – and try free for 7 days!

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