Introducing Sago Mini School!

Dear parents,

We know you’ve stepped into a few new roles recently. (As the mother of two school-age twin boys, I know I certainly have!) Among them may include personal chef, indoor entertainment provider, and sibling rivalry referee. But none as important, and perhaps as stressful, as educator. You’re juggling teaching ABCs with requests from your CEO. Taking conference calls as you correct homework. I’m right there with you — it’s no (socially-distanced) walk in the park.

We’re thrilled to share a product we’ve been working hard on for over a year, and have pooled our amazing team’s resources to get it into your hands ahead of schedule: meet Sago Mini School, our new digital learning subscription for kids aged 3-5.

School brings the open-ended play of Sago Mini World together with a curiosity-led learning curriculum designed by education experts. Kids will learn early math, literacy, critical thinking and much more as they explore kid-approved topics like Bugs, Rainbows and Big Trucks - with many more added to the app on a regular basis.

We hope that this brings some much needed play into your new homeschool schedule. If there’s anything we can do to make your life easier, we’re always just an email away.

All the best,

Lisa Armstrong
Play Designer, School

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