Hard Feelings: Our app picks for dealing with the grumpies, screamies, pouties and more

While our friendly characters and bright artwork may suggest otherwise, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows around here. While our apps are happy-making, they’re also great tools for your parenting toolkit when your little ones aren’t acting quite like the angelic creatures we know they can be. Below, we’re sharing a few of our favourite apps for dealing with a wide array of grumpy, pouty & tearful parenting trials.

Find all these award-winning (and tantrum-solving) games in Sago Mini World.

Divert a stage-five temper tantrum with Space Explorer, Fairy Tales or Superhero

When there’s a tornado of a tantrum on the horizon, all bets are off and triage begins now. Our Explore apps are like interactive storybooks, and are immersive and engaging enough to snap your child out of an impending scream-and-kick-a-thon.

Bust the ghost under the bed with Monsters

A ghoulish creature going bump in the night? And is said ghoulish creature giving you and your partner a ghoulish sleep too? Show your little one that not all make-believe creatures are bad with Monsters! Caring for these friendly, furry creatures will give your child agency over the unknown, and help put a friendly face to their under-bed tenant.

Soothe travel nerves with Airport

Travelling with young kids is an … experience. And while some young jetsetters are naturals, many are decidedly less so. Prepare for an upcoming adventure by playing with Airport. The self-guided play and opportunities for make-believe will give kids a chance to act out their anxieties, working through them on their own terms before they leave the tarmac. (And parents: there is NO shame in busting out the iPad midflight, too!)

Solve a stubborn streak with Apartment

No. Such a short word, and yet one that wields immense power amongst the preschooler set. If your child is sounding like a record stuck on repeat, try co-playing Apartment with them. Instead of asking if they’d like to check out a new activity, give them an option of two ‘floors’ to check out. They’ll see how much fun each activity is, and (hopefully!) break free of their new-found addiction to ‘no’.

Expand empathy with Babies

Little Miss or Mr got a case of the meanies? Suggest they play Babies. Caring for the little Sago Mini Babies – changing diapers, feeding and entertaining – teaches empathy and caring while remaining ultra cute. The characters cycle through a range of emotions, from sad to excited. Ask your child how their Sago friends are feeling, and what they might do to change or cause that emotion.

Stop the sniffles with Road Trip

If your little sweetie’s stuck in a rut, suggest hitting the road and going on an adventure. Road Trip requires your child to use their fine-motor skills to drive the car, which can help them get out of their head and back into their body. Plus, the roadside surprises are guaranteed to make even the grumpiest kid giggle.

Study up on sharing with Friends

Cure a case of the grabbies with Friends – the playdate classic! Each activity features new ways to work together, and the Sago Mini pals helpfully model that behaviour. Your kids will learn through play, and carry that knowledge into their IRL play.

Beat boredom with Super Juice

Rainy day got everyone staring at the wall? The interactive play and guaranteed giggles of Super Juice will break anyone out of a boredom rut. Creativity and daring are rewarded here, and the resulting transformations will get your kids engaged again, rain or shine.

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